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The Importance of Teaching Critical Thinking in Children

About 7 Months Ago
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Critical Thinking is an essential skill students of the 21st century need to build successful lives beyond the school gates. Critical thinking with its roots in Greek philosophy can revolutionise a students' everyday life, by improving how to interpret opinions, rationalisations and problem-solving practices. Most top international schools in Hyderabad promote school activities that teach critical thinking to young students. So, why is it so important & how does it influence a students' thought process? Read on to know.

Critical thinking for the digital generation
The digital world has brought convenience to the knowledge-seeking process. Students have access to a vast amount of information. The downside to this boon is the form of information out there and the lack of fact check. The Roman history is brought down to a 4-minute video on Youtube, Indian freedom movement is now readily available in animated depictions in many educational forums. This has resulted in attention spans shortening and the need for immediate gratification in young children. Teaching critical thinking enhances the ability of young children to sit and have a conversation, quality questioning and active listening. Critical thinking helps students to analyze, question and identify the biases in any information they come across. International schools in Hyderabad can harness critical thinking for their students to maximize their ability to obtain 'the truth' from any kind of information they seek online. It is crucial for schools to teach children how to retain facts and figures, increase their ability to discern which information is pertinent and which is not, and which comes from reliable sources, and which does not. This can only happen with critical thinkers who have developed and practised the skills and tools to use information effectively to develop insights.

Critical thinking for the future
The world as we know is evolving in many ways and it's hard to predict the kind of environment our children will be living and working in decades from now. Our international CBSE school is preparing young students to face the future with solid critical thinking skills. How do you ask? We have our students think and apply what they've learnt in class to real-world problems to come up with innovative solutions. For example, our students are encouraged to take up debate sessions where they discuss 'how we can integrate science and maths to solve the problems of pollution?'
Such questions require students to apply their critical thinking skills to find the answers to these questions through methodical gathering and review of information, to think creatively, and present their conclusions through effective communication skills. This will help our students not just with academics but with skills they need for the future in regards to employment or making important life decisions.

Critical thinking for a fulfilled life
Critical thinking promotes analysis, evaluation, and inferences, it allows students to move past assumptions and self-perspective. Such a skill is vital to all facets of life as young children progress in life from work to relationships. Critical thinking helps students to logically define their belief systems by noting inconsistencies and flaws in thinking as well as logically examining the evidence that supports those beliefs. This promotes a self-discovery which is important to open up their minds to effectively see beyond, not judge, understand cultural norms and learn how to understand all factors that can influence the decision-making of other people. This empathy and understanding are crucial to effective teamwork and leadership. An appreciation of differing worldviews is a direct result of learning about self initially which translates into empathising with other points of view. This is the reason best international schools in Hyderabad have integrated critical thinking activities in their school curriculum to promote fulfilling lives for their students in the long run.

Now that we know why it is important to teach children critical thinking skills, you may ask how does Indus Valley International school teach critical thinking to its students? Well, critical thinking is not developed overnight. Children need a proper environment in which they can use their critical-thinking abilities, especially during their formative years. Indus Valley International school, reputed among Turkayamjal schools does just that right from the start. Our school’s Early Childhood program uses a Reggio Emilia approach to learning which raises a child into strong, capable and resilient, rich with wonder and knowledge. Students are enabled to think critically in order to understand their world and their place in it as they progress to higher levels of education. Our students are given opportunities to become innovative, discerning and independent learners. By the time they reach higher grades, they will be immersed in the school’s unique programs that allow them to apply their learning in highly relevant, real-world contexts. So with a strong framework in critical thinking, our students will be able to develop the necessary 21st Century skills that they will continue to use in their lives thereafter.


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