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12 Tips for Personal Career Growth

Posted on: 19-05-2015 12:44:39 (Posted Sometime Back)

12 Tips for Personal Career Growth
Blog Category: Career & Growth

Personal growth is a journey that´s never complete. It´s easily sidelined by the day´s urgent tasks, yet it´s essential for long-term job satisfaction and advancement.Our tips include techniques and tactics that encourage personal growth and help keep it a priority.

Set strategic goals

Invest some time brainstorming about your career. If you´re unsure what you want to do next, take the time you need for research, informational interviewing, job shadowing and exploration. Once you understand where you want to go, it´s much easier to put together a plan to get there.

Set tactical goals

Start each day with a list of specific action items. Be sure to include tasks that support your personal growth goals at least once a week. Prioritize the list to ensure the important things are addressed first. Unfinished items can be rolled over to the next day. And consider removing any items that are continually deferred.

Keep the big picture in mind

Post are minder in your workspace to help you maintain focus on a larger business/career goal as the demands of the day distract you from more strategic concerns.Change your reminder as needed; or create a set and post a new one every month.

Give it a deadline

It´s easy to defer action items-like those related to your own personal growth-when they don´t have deadlines. Elevate the importance of tasks on the path to your personal growth by assigning firm, but realistic deadlines.

Allow transition time

An eight-hour workday doesn´t produce eight hours of output. There are too many interruption sand it´s unrealistic to think you can always finish one task and immediately hit the ground running on another. When planning workdays and workloads allow for some transition time between tasks.

Learn from criticism

When your work or behavior is criticized, try not to take it personally. Try to remove any "attitude" from feedback you receive and focus on the information. Chances are there´s something in it you can learn from. In fact, that´s the key value of criticism. It gives us a different perspective and provides the opportunity to learn.

Share your results

The greater awareness others have of your successes, the more your career will benefit. As you develop project and career goals, establish metrics to measure your progress and success. When you have solid progress to report, share it with your team. Don´t brag, frame your accomplishments in a form that others will benefit from. For example how you cut costs, relieved a bottleneck,applied new technology to an old problem, etc.

Stay positive

You can´t control the world around you, only your reaction to it. Think of your reactions as an opportunity for personal growth. Most of the time the cure for negative feelings is their opposite. When you feel judgmental, think of it as a chance to learn how to be more accepting and compassionate. When you feel insecure,use the occasion to learn how to be more confident and independent.

Increase your productivity

It may be counter intuitive to stop working when you have a lot to do, but it actually makes you more productive. Non-stop work slowly begins to take its toll on productivity. A short break will refresh your body and mind. Try to really relax and stop thinking about work for a few minutes.

When you return, you´ll be ready to dive back into your tasks with renewed vigor.

Ask for advice

You don´t have to solve every problem by yourself. It usually helps to talk things out.Ask a colleague with related expertise for ideas on how they might handle the situation. Problem solving is an area where two or more heads are almost always better than one.

Keep growing

In business and in life, stasis is an illusion. You´re either moving forward or falling behind. The best ways to ensure continuous growth are to keep learning,embracing new challenges and adapting quickly as the world around you changes.

Learn from experience

At the end of the day: reflect. Take five minutes and ask yourself what was the most productive thing you did today? The least productive? Learn from your answers and adjust your actions accordingly. Tomorrow´s a new opportunity for personal growth.

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